Tuesday, March 19, 2013

interior goodness: sexy. sexy. sexy.

It is Tuesday and...the sky is blue and the sun is shining!  With the awesomeness outside, I was able to focus on some awesomeness inside.  Specifically the Upper East Side home of Jackie Astier.  This home is beyond stylish, it is an awe inspiring, super sexy journey into fantasticness...
sooooo squeal worthy!
 Shiny brass, smooth lacquer, fur, velvet, grass cloth; a textural dream home.  A balanced mix of decades and centuries. 
 The thing I love the most about this home is the art, or lack there of? When you dress the walls, either with grass cloth or lacquer, and have such artistic furnishings, a mass quantity of [loud] art is not necessary. 

 These walls are luscious!
The kitchen in this super sexy home is nice and simple, but the drum pendant,
that is sexy.

Images via ELLE DECOR

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