Wednesday, July 24, 2013

budget challenge: $5,000 living room

This week's client, Ashley, has a budget of $5,000 for a living room featuring her favorite color coral.  With plenty of metal, a mix of lines, and dark dramatic walls, this living room is sophisticated yet comfortable.  I came in at $4,977...
Product sources available upon request TCSTYLIST1@GMAIL.COM

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

interior goodness: sexy rooms

Vogue Living March/April 2008
Food is sexy, so why shouldn't the room where you enjoy it be?  This dining room is made sexy by the warm light, texture, and shine.
ELLE Decor
Lacquer walls and more texture & shine.
ELLE Decor
The key to sexy furniture, sofas and beds to be precise, is low.  Sofas must have a deep seat, and velvet is a must as well as...
ELLE Decor
moody colors, texture, and shine.
Domino November 2008
Vogue Living March/April 2009
ELLE Decor July/August 2013
Okay, so these bedrooms are not  mood by any means, but what is more sexier than "au natural"?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Saturday, July 20, 2013

t.c. style: date night

Bones for delish Soba topped off with a funny flick, "Girl Most Likely".  A squealishly good time!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

budget challenge: bohemian dining room

I was given a budget of $4,000 for a casual, but stylish dining room.  I came in under $3,015.
Table $699
6 Chairs $774
Rug $99
Pendants $390
Sideboard $650
Art $235
Chiffon Curtains $164
Product sources available upon request TCSTYLIST1@GMAIL.COM

Monday, July 15, 2013

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

love it, live it: fashion inspired interior, mod lounge

My newest pair of shoes, Tommy Hilfiger at Piperlime, was my source of inspiration for this week's Interior Style Board.  Neutrals with a pop of coral.  Mod sleek, comfy cool.
Product sources available upon request TCSTYLIST1@GMAIL.COM

rant: LOFT high shipping and return costs

Let me start off by saying that I love the shorts and striped top I ordered from LOFT a couple of months ago.  The shorts fit perfectly and the top is super cute.  I actually thought I had found my go-to store for shorts, even though the shorts are a little more than I would normally spend on a basic, but they are great.  So when I saw last week that the shorts were on sale for over half off, I was online in seconds.  I had two pair in my "shopping cart".  I was going through the steps of checking out, made it past the payment step, and I got a message saying the petite white pair was out of stock.  I went back in and ordered a different size.  A simple step that required me to re-enter all my information again.  At this point I was a bit perturbed, and started thinking about the ridiculous amount the LOFT charges for shipping.  While $8.95 is a great deal if you are buying a heap load of items, but for two pairs of shorts that easily fit in an envelope that fit in a mailbox?  I was on the verge of calling and cancelling my order, but I really like the shorts.

On Friday a received an e-mail stating my order had shipped and was scheduled to arrive Monday, July 15.  July 15?!  I ordered them on July 1 and I received the shipping notice on the 5th letting me know that they were expected to arrive over a week later?  Wow, what great shipping service for $8.95.

Well the ETA was off by a week, they arrived yesterday.  I don't like the Mint pair, and the White pair, crazy see-thru, so they are both going back.  A return shipping label was included with my order, so I figured the return part would be easy peasy.  Now I shop Piperlime a lot, I have only returned one thing, ever, and it was FREE.  So I'm thinking surely after paying $8.95 to get my order, they must pad the shipping a bit to cover returns...nope, LOFT now wants me to pay $7.95.  Yes, I wondered why the return was a $1 less than original shipping, that must be the padding.

Long story short, I am not mailing my return back, I will take them back to a store tomorrow.  Unless LOFT changes their shipping/return pricing I will not shop with them.  I realize I am just one customer, one who never really shopped with them before, but I raved about the shorts and a couple of friends even bought them.  I'm sure this rant won't produce any results, but at least the info is out there.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

...goodness: outdoor retreats

The temps are a risin, hiiiigh 90's later this week.  While most look for reprieve inside with air conditioning, I prefer air conditioning a' la Mother Nature outdoors; a breeze and some shade thank you...
No shade, but this amazing Moroccan patio would be perfect for an early morning.
Photo via ELLE Decor (not sure what year?)
An early evening Ouzo from this Santorini terrace?  Say no more.
ELLE Decor April 2013
Let the shade begin!  Malibu ranch patio.
House Beautiful March 2013
Tuscany or Connecticut?  Connecticut!
ELLE Decor April 2013
Santa Monica fabulousness.
ELLE Decor May 2013
This little gem is more farmhouse than tropical, but I love it!  You can feel the coolness just looking at it.  Southwest France.
ELLE Decor March 2013
I dream of the day that I have a yard to replicate this "bohemian paradise".  It's so "Out of Africa"!
Domino March 2008

Monday, July 8, 2013

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

love it, live it: movie inspired interiors, miss taro's jaimacan bungalow bedroom

The sexy, villainous secretary happened to live in a lovely and quaint hillside bungalow in Jamaica.  My interpretation combines a little of everything; a little glam, a touch of tropical with sophisticated textures.  All the while remaining pretty, cool, comfortable and might I say, sexy?
Product sources available upon request TCSTYLIST1@GMAIL.COM

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Monday, July 1, 2013

love it, live it: movie inspired interior, dr. no

The very first Bond film, Dr. No, is my favorite.  #1, it was the start of one of the coolest and most stylish movie franchises ever.  #2, it is sexy, introducing us to the ultimate femme fatales, Bond Girls.  #3, the set design.

Tropical Bungalow Bedroom Style Board coming Wednesday.