Tuesday, July 9, 2013

...goodness: outdoor retreats

The temps are a risin, hiiiigh 90's later this week.  While most look for reprieve inside with air conditioning, I prefer air conditioning a' la Mother Nature outdoors; a breeze and some shade thank you...
No shade, but this amazing Moroccan patio would be perfect for an early morning.
Photo via ELLE Decor (not sure what year?)
An early evening Ouzo from this Santorini terrace?  Say no more.
ELLE Decor April 2013
Let the shade begin!  Malibu ranch patio.
House Beautiful March 2013
Tuscany or Connecticut?  Connecticut!
ELLE Decor April 2013
Santa Monica fabulousness.
ELLE Decor May 2013
This little gem is more farmhouse than tropical, but I love it!  You can feel the coolness just looking at it.  Southwest France.
ELLE Decor March 2013
I dream of the day that I have a yard to replicate this "bohemian paradise".  It's so "Out of Africa"!
Domino March 2008

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