Tuesday, October 1, 2013

interior goodness: man style

My cousin in Phoenix just bought a condo, so I will be helping him style it.  The styling of a bachelor pad has a special, if not tricky, balance; masculine yet stylishly comfy and girlfriend friendly...
I have only seen the canvas of the space, waiting for photos of his existing pieces, but I thought I would take a look on Google for some Man Cave inspiration.

The first thing that comes to mind is leather.  The second thing is dark, lack of color.  These of course are assumptions of men caves.  Leather is great in any interior, especially in a rich cognac.  Grey is good great!  His walls are actually white, so I was thinking of a grey/green accent wall, but after seeing the following photos...

(Yes, this these two are the same space, different decor, I dig them both!) 
The white walls work, especially with the "darker" furnishings.  I'm thinking that just the trim will be getting the paint...
I'm really excited about his entry wall.  We have a lot of great old family photos that would make for a great gallery wall.
Forget man cave, this is a fantastic dining area for any small space!

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