Wednesday, December 4, 2013

working on: retro romance

I decided this year I wanted a new handbag for my birthday.  I love the look of the "it" satchel that all the fashionistas I follow on Instagram carry, but let's face it, I live in Denver, so not the capital of "street style".  My outfit of the day is not going to be snapped and posted on The Sartorialist, I dress for myself. So after checking out a few places online, the bags I found just weren't, well, me.  Now don't get me wrong, if I could afford a Kelly bag, or any other "classic" satchel, I would be all over it like Chanel No. 5 on Marylin, but I can't.  In truth, I am not too terribly "trendy" anyway.  I will throw on a trend piece now and then, but the funny thing is, some pieces that are now considered "trendy" are actual classics.  Hello leopard print?
So I decided to jump on Etsy...and three hours later, I will soon be the proud Ma Ma to this fabulous 1960's gem!  After looking at all the vintage goodness to be found it got me thinking, vintage/retro is everywhere; fashion, interiors, t.v., even cars, and I say "THANK GOODNESS"!
Retro Romance series coming soon!

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