Monday, May 5, 2014

diy: floral heels

I have been seriously wanting a pair of  heels to go with a pair of pink pants I purchased this spring.  White heels would work, but I have a "thing" about white shoes in the non-sneaker category, so a floral pair would be perfect.  Steve Madden has two pair in the same fabulous floral pattern, Madasyn and Stecy.  I actually found the Madasyn at DSW for a great price and owned them for 5 minutes...the 7.5 was just too big and when I got around to ordering another pair they were not available.  So that leaves us with the Stecy, but do to the fact that I wanted the shoes for an inexpensive pair of pants, I just couldn't rationalize paying $90 for floral shoes. 
So white heels it would have to be. 
I did happen to upon a pair of inexpensive, minimal, white sandals that would work, but as odd as this sounds, they weren't "white" enough.  I thought about painting the heel for a color block look or covering them with fabric...I found a great tutorial on love maegan to get me started and let me just say I am squealishly happy with my new floral heels!
the inspiration, Steve Madden Stecy $90
JCP Cosmopolitan heel $20

the supplies, from JoAnn's (Red Stripe from my fridge)

 the assistant
the floral heels

the floral heels with "the pants"

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