Wednesday, July 30, 2014

love it, live it: man room, inspired by men with beards

In this man room, you will not find a reclining sofa, as a matter of fact you will not find a reclining anything.  I have secretly replaced reclining things with ottoman's covered in hide.  The media unit provides ample space for media things and cool guy stuff.  The lighting is speakeasy'ish in an updated modern version. 
A little rugged.  A little playful.  A little gentlemanly.  Beards welcome.
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Monday, July 28, 2014

the beard

"A beard is the collection of hair that grows on the chin, upper lip, cheeks and neck of human beings and some non-human animals", (Wiki) or in some cases human beings that look like animals.  Some cultures "view a beard as central to a man's virility, exemplifying such virtues as wisdom, strength, sexual prowess and high social status", (Wiki).  Hmmmm, I may actually be the queen of said culture because in my own words I believe the beard to be sexy, handsome and oh so manly.  Goatees do not count, they are very tired and passe, sorry bro.  A well groomed beard, be it a shadow or full on bushy, is the hottest male accessory, then and now.  Well groomed being key, very key. 
I have to be honest, I never really gave the beard much thought.  ZZ Top sport some serious ones and the 2013 Red Sox had some seriously ugly ones.  Not much thought at all until Spring Training 2014 when my crush showed up at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Scottsdale AZ with a face full o' fuzz, I am now a lover of the beard!
I recently did a post for Bonobos men's suits and while researching some of my favorite iconic men in suits, I happily stumbled upon Paul Newman with the beard, let me just say...



All images via Google
Another iconic wearer of the beard, Clint Eastwood...



 All images via Google
Now some modern day beard love...

Superhero Team USA goalie  Tim Howard via Google

 Hugh Jackman via Google

Australian model Tom Bull via Google

The stylish Stylist and Blogger Kelly Framel has one of the best accessories evah, boyfriend Zachary Lynd

 Simply known as the back of "The Kettel One Hot Guy".

 In honor of The Beard, this week's Style Board will be a Man's Space, fit for
The Chairman of The Beard, coming Wednesday.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

love it, live it: neutral contempo dining room

I was inspired by a photo I took on Monday during my run, a pretty white "poppy weed".  The photo is black and white, mostly grey, but I wanted to add a touch of neutrality with the table and rug to make the room more warm, and to represent the grass behind the flower.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


A sexy interior has clean lines, a hint of shine and texture, a lot of texture.  When it comes to determining what is sexy, we rely on sight and touch, the two combined make us "feel".  Black, gold, deep jewel tones and white are definite go to sexy colors.
Yes, kitchens can be sexy...


West Elm Adelphi Stool
Another element that sexy interiors share is space.  While a small room can also be sexy, a room with space is uninhibited.  Not exactly minimal, but not cluttered or stuffy.

Paola Navone Nepal Chair

You would not believe how difficult it is to find a sexy bedroom?!  Leave the colors and prints to the guest room, clean is sexy.  White is sexy.  Linen is sexy.  Skirts are sexy, bed skirts are not.


Linoto Linen Duvet
The unlimited amount of texture that can be used in a bathroom may just make it the sexiest room going.  Not to mention that nothing, nothing, is sexier than an open shower, nothing.


My computer is beyond irritating today, I will post image sources tomorrow; Lonny, Domino, Pinterest, House Beautiful, Coastal Living.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

men in suits, BONOBOS

What is it about a man in a suit?  Now don't get me wrong, men in jeans (non-skinny of course because men do NOT where jeggings) men in board shorts, men in t-shirts,
men in flannel shirts, men in beards, oh, sorry, where was I? 
Oh yes, men in suits, aaaaaaah. 

When a man dons a suit for a non-work related reason, they are like superheros.  Not a superhero defending the world, but a superhero defending style, to us gals at least.  We have become so accustomed to "casual dressing" for everything, that a suit is generally the sign of something serious going down...hey, I live in Colorado.  So let's try this, a suit should be worn for a special occasion such as a wedding, a dinner party or how about a date with your lady, trust me on this, guy + suit = superhero.  Does Bruce Wayne ring a bell?
Maybe men don't where suits because they haven't found the right one?  Well I can help with that.  Not me personally, but Bonobos can.

Bonobos men's apparel, was started as an online retailer in 2007. Thanks to some prominent accolades such as "Best Men's Pants" and "One of America's Hottest Brands", Bonobos expanded to land in 2011 with Guideshops. Bonobos Guideshops are essentially a "dressing room" where men receive personalized service while seeing, feeling and trying before purchasing online. In 2012, Bonobos partnered with Nordy's, for those who prefer instant gratification.

I love the fit of these suits!  The pants are slim, not ballet tight, but slim with a nice break at the cuff.  The jackets fit just right, not too loose, not too tight, juuuuust right.

The dark suit featured is The Foundation Slim-Cotton Linen Navy Ticking Stripe and the light is The Foundation Cotton-Linen-Light Grey. 

The perfect summer suit, cotton-linen in light grey.  This suit paired with a light shirt, even a pattern, for day and for night, go for a sexy contrast, like a dark midnight blue or a jewel toned green.

If these pics weren't convincing enough for a man to sport a suit, I have also included a few of my fave retro men for added inspiration...

The Ferrari aint' bad either!

 The slimmest, best fitting double breasted suit I have ever seen.

Not the best suit shot, but it is Mr. Newman, no wait, Mr. Newman with a beard...
more on beards later.

All images of retro hot dudes via Google.