Tuesday, July 22, 2014


A sexy interior has clean lines, a hint of shine and texture, a lot of texture.  When it comes to determining what is sexy, we rely on sight and touch, the two combined make us "feel".  Black, gold, deep jewel tones and white are definite go to sexy colors.
Yes, kitchens can be sexy...


West Elm Adelphi Stool
Another element that sexy interiors share is space.  While a small room can also be sexy, a room with space is uninhibited.  Not exactly minimal, but not cluttered or stuffy.

Paola Navone Nepal Chair

You would not believe how difficult it is to find a sexy bedroom?!  Leave the colors and prints to the guest room, clean is sexy.  White is sexy.  Linen is sexy.  Skirts are sexy, bed skirts are not.


Linoto Linen Duvet
The unlimited amount of texture that can be used in a bathroom may just make it the sexiest room going.  Not to mention that nothing, nothing, is sexier than an open shower, nothing.


My computer is beyond irritating today, I will post image sources tomorrow; Lonny, Domino, Pinterest, House Beautiful, Coastal Living.

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