Tuesday, October 7, 2014

entry tables

 I see many houses in my line of work, and no matter the size, there is always a need for an entry table.  Mine, well, it isn't exactly an "entry table", more like an "entry box".  I acquired my entry table from Mom and PaPa, it is an old dynamite box.  It isn't big, but it is perfect for my space and serves it's purpose perfectly; holds my keys, daily shades, pens, lip balm and Porter's pals, treats and towels.  I perused a some of my favorite sites today and found a few options in varying styles and prices.
$199 CB2


$829 Horchow

$1,199 Horchow

$1,299 Horchow

$1,495 Jayson Home

$1,599 Horchow

$1,895 Jayson Home

$2,129 Horchow

$2,599 Horchow

$2,999 Horchow

And last, but most certainly not least, the sexiest entry table evah...
Hudson Furniture, price upon request

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