Tuesday, December 30, 2014

squealishly good today: 13 lbs. of ruby red grapefruit and west elm belgian linen

There are not many things that could prompt a squeal of joy from me on a day where our high temperature is forecast to be 1°, but a 13 lb. box of Texas Ruby Reds at Wally World for $3.50 and the new Belgian Linen at West Elm, induced two squeals!
It is a known fact that I think a Master Bedroom should be simple, sexy and serene.  Simple; not a lot of pattern.  Sexy; texture, texture, texture.  Serene; soft color.  The new Belgian Linen Bedding from West Elm provides all of the above.  The 100% linen from Belgian flax has a color-washed look and gets softer with every wash.  Seriously, is there anything sexier than bedding that looks lived in?  Stuffy, stiff comforters and bedspreads, eh, not so much...
These are my favorite colors:
Natural Flax


Pale Harbor

This new line consists of Duvet Covers and Shams (including Euro), as well as Quilts (my choice for summer) and Quilted Shams.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas ornaments

My tree is alive, well technically it is faux, but it is alive with memories, love and history. I have been the lucky receiver of ornaments since I was a child, I have also contributed to my vast collection over the years as well. Some whimsical, some sweet, some pretty, all are special to me. 
This is hands down my favorite and most special. I collected owls when I was younger. Mom was the primary Claus for my brother and I, but this special present came from PaPa. This is our first Christmas without this amazing man, so this ornament is my most cherished. 
This cute elf joined our family in the 70's when we lived in San Jose. Mom worked at Santa Clara University and the bookstore there had fantastic goodies. Elf has two other friends that still live with Mom. 
My sweet childhood friend Michelle gave me a group of handmade ornaments that included this angel and Snoopy and Woodstock, another fave. 
I'm not sure how long Pinochio has been around, a long time. This guy is a miniature version of an actual wooden Pinochio I had as a child. 

Now the history...the following ornaments I acquired from my Grandparents. Most are older than me, all still radiate love. 

Thank you to my assistant, Bella, for helping with this post. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

fab finds at the denver flea

We are fortunate that The Denver Flea came into existence this year of 2014.  A plethora of creative  Colorado vendors, cold Colorado brews, and tasty food truck bites.  While there were many fabulous vendors within the cool digs, below you will find my faves...


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

my gaudy christmas sweatshirt, diy

I am attending my first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party this month, but I have never owned an ugly Christmas sweater, I have a phobia for ugly.  My Christmas season sweater is Grinch green and striped, I love it, but it is not ugly. I also have a phobia of showing up in something the same as someone else, so I decided to head to the Dollar Tree and load the glue gun!

Total cost, around $10, with tax; sweatshirt from WallyWorld $6 and Dollar Tree embellishment's $3.