Tuesday, February 17, 2015

furniture placement, oh so important...

I had a couple of Pre-Sell Consults today, and I am always amazed by the way people put a room together.  The images below are not those of my clients, I found them on Google.  I cannot blame people entirely for furniture placement, it starts with the builder.  I learned with the first house that designed from floor plan to finish, the importance of conceptual development; room size, placement of features, electrical outlets, etc.  While studying design in college, needing to learn about anything electrical escaped me, "I know what looks good, why do I care about where to put an outlet?"  Ha, it is super important! 
Say you have a fairly large space and all your outlets are in the walls.  Your automatic tendency is to shove your furniture against the wall, because you have accent lighting that you want to place near your furniture and you don't want to trip over cords.  This is where the oh so important "floor outlet" comes in super handy. 
Room 1
Okay, what the hell was the builder thinking when putting the fireplace in the corner but not "in the corner"?  Obviously moving the fireplace isn't an option, but why would you put the loveseat in front of the poorly placed fireplace?  The most important task in Pre-Sell Consults is editing.  Aside from re-arranging the furniture, I would remove the rug; rugs on carpet are not necessary, it looks like you are hiding something, unless you do need to hide something.  Also there is a broken slat on the in the blinds, remove them.
Layout for Room 1
Room 2
This room has a lot going on.  I would remove some, okay, a lot, of the art.  Remove the shelving unit behind the huge t.v. and re-arrange the furniture.
Layout for Room 2
So, now that we sold the house and are moving into a new one, let's get rid of the matching furniture, okay?

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