Monday, February 23, 2015

part 2: furniture placement, oh so important

Okay, builders obviously build, they don't design or style, so working with what one has is imperative to a functionable, comfortable and stylish home.  This family room (mine) is a squarish, 13 x 14.  I angled my sofa because the room is quite roomy, which makes for great movie watching and snuggling!  Behind the sofa is a bar and there are three windows near the fireplace.  I even have a smallish bookcase behind the chair and a small table with a large fig tree in the corner between the fireplace and t.v. armoire windows.  My room has stuff, but it is still comfortable and stylish.  A more rectangular room, or smaller, might not be as easy to use angles, but give it a try.
Layout 1
Same room below, with a more standard layout.  With the sofa straight facing, off the wall, the room is still cozy and spacious.  By leaving the bar in the corner, the sofa can work off the wall.  If the bar or some other type of case good wasn't in the corner, one might feel there is wasted space...
Layout 2
The room below just seems so big, wasted space and not cozy.  I realize if one has a large 60" t.v., this layout would be a little more suitable, but trust me, no matter what size of television, the angled sofa is hands down the best angle for proper cuddling...

Layout 3

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