Monday, March 16, 2015

spring skin prep

The temp in Denver at this moment is 77°, wait, a squealishly good 77° While, yes I moisturize my skin all year long, but the thought of strappy sandals and skin baring sleeveless tops/shorts/skirts/dresses, launches my skin prep excitement into overdrive! 
Starting in the shower; a sugar or salt scrub at least once a week to exfoliate, especially before date night.  I love this one from Tree Hut since it detoxifies as well with charcoal.  I recently purchased a sugarcane scrub from Bath & Body Works, Cool Amazon Rain, that I really like too.  I have been using Banana Boat Summer Color for years, mostly on my legs since my arms get a little color (even with an SPF 50) while being outdoors.  I have also been using Vaseline Cocoa Radiant as my everyday moisturizer for awhile now.  Now for date night, my go to is Organix Moroccan Argan Dry Body Oil.  You can use it in the shower, after the shower while still damp (my preferred method) or in a bath.
Strappy sandal foot prep...again I do this year round a couple nights a week.  A foot soak of ½ C Epsom Salt ($1 a bag at Dollar Tree) and ½ C apple cider vinegar to soften and detoxify.  After the soak I use either Aquaphor, for very dry, or Vegetable Glycerin for general softening covered with cotton socks until bedtime.  This is seriously a very economic spa treatment to keep your footsies touchably soft!

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