Wednesday, April 8, 2015

cocktail table styling

The cocktail table is one of the most important surfaces in a home, but one of the most difficult to style for a client.  Why?  Because "things", "stuff", "chotskies" if you will, are personal.  If you aren't sure, start with basics; white vases (with or without flowers), simple glass votive candles, a decorative tray, and then it gets personal...
Books are great for stacking to create dimension on the table, but they clearly need to be books that you are interested in.  I have a couple of fashion books and my beloved Frank Sinatra book that was a gift from my dad.

Decorative objects are great for interest and possibly color.  Small statues, antlers, shells, animals, etc., again it needs to be personal and meaningful or simply just an interesting "shape", West Elm has some cool objects.

Something "living" is always a special addition, flowers, especially an orchid plant which is organic yet structural, creates height and color.  If the table has a lower profile of objects, succulents are a great addition.

All table images from My Pinterist

Another item that I totally dig are vintage ashtrays.  I abhor smoking, but there are some seriously cool ashtrays out there!  They have great color, shape and old Las Vegas casino ones add a touch of whimsy to the right grouping.
 vintage ashtray - fenton glass ashtray
Vintage Fabulous Las Vegas Ashtray Serving Dish Souvenir Japan Ceramic

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