Tuesday, May 12, 2015

the power of lingerie: brassieres

As a member of the female population, I am a huge fan and admirer of lingerie, I clearly am not a feminist.  Lingerie is a fancier term for undergarments.  There are some undergarments that are so powerfully beautiful that they at least deserve a bit of exposure, of course executed with style and taste while holding on to the mystery of what lies beneath.  While lingerie is made up of many, many pieces, my focus today is on the bra.
The brassiere, bra, performs the job of supporting a woman's breasts, a very important job.  Bra's have evolved over the years to work better at this job of support, especially for the ladies with an ample bosom.  Bra's can also create the illusion of an ample bosom, which can be quite interesting and humorous, ie. the uni-boob.
Aside from performing the job of support, a beautiful bra has super powers.  It's simple; when you look good you feel good and when you feel good you look good.  Feeling good and looking good is the foundation of confidence, and confidence is power.  I don't have scientific studies to prove my theory, only personal experience.  A great bra starts with the right fabric; soft mesh, soft lace, cotton, thin straps, pretty embellishments, the right color, etc.   
Let's face it, straps happen, and when they do, they shouldn't be clear or branded with a companies name or logo.  Sometimes a lot of straps happen, and they are awesome. 
has taken the bra and elevated it from undergarment to fashion statement.

Be it a power meeting at work or the PTA.  Date night or the flea market, behold the power of a beautiful bra.

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