Tuesday, August 18, 2015

classic bardot: style without trend

I'm not sure if it was the obvious chill in the air this morning or the same old cookie cutter Instagram style shots (skinny jeans, same top as whats-her-face, scarf, super high heels, big photo op bag, pretty but same hair as the next trendy fashion blogger save for The Man Repeller and Bat Gio, true style pioneers),  but I'm ready for a new season of style.  But Instagram has become boring, so I look to my favorite style icon for real inspiration, Brigitte Bardot.  I'm not sure if "trends" existed back in the 50's-60's-70's, if they did, Brigitte must have been the originator.  

Why do we label things "trendy", especially if it has been around for awhile (cutoffs, trench coats, etc.)?  I am to the point that if I see something labeled trend or trendy I avoid it like the plague.  Maybe it's because my age is not trendy, but I prefer classic with a touch of Bohemian.  Slouchy elegance with an edge.  I also believe a gal should be sexy, but sexy has nothing to do with revealing, some skin of course, but there needs to be some mystery.  Sexy comes from confidence, you can't be it if you don't feel it...bedhead and a lined eye help too.

Of course we look to designers and magazines to get a feel for what's in each season, but if you can only wear something trendy for a season, is it really worth buying?  There are of course exemptions:  shoes and outerwear.  But even then, these items shouldn't be so trendy that they can't be worn again and again, in following seasons.  There is a way to be stylish without being trendy, just take a cue from Brigitte...

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