Wednesday, August 19, 2015

yes, hire a stylist/designer before doing home upgrades

My realtor guy asked me to take a quick peak at a home he has listed that isn't moving.  It's been a couple of weeks and in the Denver real estate market that is like a couple of years.  It is a nice home, in a nice area.  The house was built in 1970, so yes, it needed to be upgraded at some point.

Let's start in the kitchen:  at some point, black accent tile was added to a white tile back splash, but there are also some off-white tiles.  The floor I'm guessing may have originally been linoleum, it was replaced with tile; a stone colored tile which doesn't really get along well with the black and white...and off-white?

Next, the master bath:  the floor is done in cute red and white penny tiles, the wall is white 3x3 glazed tile with a black accent tile.  Great!  A black, white and red bathroom...with faux rock tile in the shower?

On average, homeowners stay in a home 13 years before making a change.  Whether making home improvements while in the home for personal reasons or to upgrade for the inevitable selling of the home, it really makes sense, not to mention it pays off in the end, to hire a stylist/designer for a consult.  We LOVE putting things together to create a harmonious cohesion that looks fabulous!

I'm not talking "staging" here, I'm talking about upgrades, changes to be made well before even the thought of selling.  We can even help before you buy a house that needs upgrades. 

I am located in the Denver Metro area of Colorado, but I can also help out of state, even out of the country, with an e-Styling Consult.

Contact me at TCSTYLIST1@GMAIL.COM for details, or call 303.718.2765 

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