Wednesday, November 18, 2015

love it, live it: neutral glam dining room

This week's Style Board was inspired by the amazing Moroccan Wool Kilim from ABC Carpet & Home.  The dining room is neutral, with Euro glam accents with mod seating.

Product sources and 20.twelve.3 Styling Services available at TCSTYLIST1@GMAIL.COM

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

the fashionable home: fur

With my recent move, I was excited to change up my decor a bit.  I didn't really purchase anything new (more on this later), except some black lacquer spray, some assorted fabrics and a few yards of faux fur from Jo Ann's.  Faux, and not faux, fur isn't just a winter fashion staple, it is now a home fashion must have as well.  Fur accessories add texture and warmth, as well as a touch of luxe. 

My pillow...about $5.00

My ottoman...about $9.00

I was going to make a rug out of this piece, but I decided to throw it on the bed...
Manco approves.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

cozying up for fall, with PARACHUTE Bedding

Since the beginning of September, I have; packed, moved, cleaned, unpacked, painted, styled, painted, unpacked, styled, unpacked...and we just had our first snow of the season.  Am I ready to get cozy?  Why yes, yes I am.

While I believe in being warm and cozy while viewing a little nighttime t.v., my cozy retreat is my bed.  A bed with soft, comfy linen sheets, a sateen duvet cover for my down comforter, a relaxing lavender candle and a great book.  Since my sleep attire is sleeveless, my arms can get a bit chilly while reading, so there is nothing like wrapping up in a soft, warm, cozy cashmere throw to keep the chill at bay. 

Parachute bedding is all about quality, craftmanship, and comfort; the three essential elements for a cozy fall...and winter.