Monday, April 25, 2016

color stories: part 1, red

Red is...passion, danger, excitement, drama, power, heat, love, is something different from person to person.  Diana Vreeland had a red room, Christian Louboutin shoes have a signature red sole, and the red stripes on our American flag stand for courage.

I like red.  It is not my favorite color.  Or is it?  I adore coral, melon, and salmon which in fact are members of the red family.  I have very little red in my home, but the pop of red I do have is small, but sexy; Georgia O'Keeffe "At The Rodeo".

I put together below, a few "pops" of red to add to a home.  From modern to beachy, fun to fabulous; a little goes a long way.

Two of my favorite color stories:
White, Black, Red, and Turquoise
White, Navy, Green and Coral.

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